It is too esoteric of view of science.  
It is too scienfific of view of esoteric.  
Wat is to be done ? 
This topic was edited and issued in Hungarian language in: 1991, 1993, 1997, 2002.   
A copy of  issue of 1991 was sent to the NASA. One copy of CD was sent to Profs. Horace Crater and to Mr. Ananda Sirisena in 2004 and 2008.   
I owe to say thank-you to  Profs. Horace Crater who is the President of SPSR.  He was so kind to  worn my attention to observe the mathematics of mounds.  Further, I have to say thank-you to Mr Ananda Sirisena for his advises.  

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The first aim of a message is to draw attention to itself. This unusual eye formation certainly does that. One day this eyes did see back to me.    
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In the summer of 1990 an international conference entitled "Bioastronomy" was held in France. Here W.Calvin, an American biologist advised that if we want to get ourselves noticed we must follow the example of biological beings, that is, we must develop false eyes. In the animal world fish, birds, butterflies, stingrays all bear markings similar to eyes. Now we have discovered the volcanoes eyes, which serve to draw attention to themselves. 

                        This is a very small part of the whole system 
       Why the volcanoes are appropriate to  carry   
          How looks likes the volcanic informations 
              The Tangent language (Tang-Lang) 
                                The Hill  map 
          The DM piramid-mounds-grid-AP pentad 
                                           The end