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Hungarian translation of Regshot

Translation description

Regshot homepage: http://regshot.sourceforge.net/

Short description: Regshot is a registry snapshot compare utility - for checking system changes during installing a new software.
Developer: TiANWEi and tulipfan
Hungarian translation: György Bata
Language file type: Simple text .ini file
Translation method: Simple text .ini file
Using the Hungarian translation: Language ini is included in the official zip package.

Comment: Translation was just fun. I didn't provide any update since 2004, no sure if this tool is developed.

Changelog for Regshot Hungarian translation

2004-03-03: Wrong codepage reported to author. Fixed in 1.7.2 version.

2004-03-01: I sent notice about to include the Hungarian translation in the Regshot 1.7 version. Included in 1.7.1 version.

2003-02-01: Translation of RegShot 1.61e5 to Hungarian
- This was done just for fun, and it took approx one hour to translate it.