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Main page

Hungarian translation of Notepad++

Translation description

Notepad++ homepage: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/

Short description: Notepad++ is a free source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. Running in the MS Windows environment, its use is governed by GPL License.
Developer: Don HO
Hungarian translation: György Bata
Language file type: XML file
Using the Hungarian translation: Language XML is included in official install package.

Comment: The translation is maintained by me completely from beginning.

Contact me: You can find me at Prohardver Notepad++ topic or Notepad++ Forum , nickname 'batagy'.

Changelog for Notepad++ Hungarian translation

2022-07-05: Translation update for Notepad++ 8.4.3

2021-12-26: Translation update for Notepad++

2021-06-04: Translation update for Notepad++ 8.0 RC3

2021-06-03: Translation update for Notepad++ 7.9.5

2020-01-31: Translation update for Notepad++ 7.8.4
- Adding new menus
- Modified settings
- New error messages
- Summary window translated

2019-01-30: Translation update for Notepad++ 7.6.3
- SHA-256 dialogs, Plugins Admin
- Line endings clarification
- Simplifying some menus

2018-03-15: Translation update for Notepad++ 7.5.5
- Bigger change: Shortcut Mapper, Find in Finder dialog, and Folder As Workspace menu are translated now.
- Many new program messages
- Find statusbar messages
- Column Mode renamed, Encoding corrections.

2017-12-10: Translation update for Notepad++ 7.5.3
- Open in default viewer, Document peek, Backward search changes

2017-01-18: Translation update for Notepad++ 7.3.1
- Added word character list options

2017-01-02: Translation update for Notepad++ 7.3
- New Tools menu and MD5 checksum options

2016-12-25: Translation update for Notepad++ 7.2.2
- Several new menus (On Selection, case options, Monitoring)
- Folder as Workspace strings
- New options, highlighting, search engine

2016-02-14: Translation update for Notepad++ 6.8.8
- Three new unofficial strings added.

2015-08-20: Translation update for Notepad++ 6.8.2
- UTF-8 BOM names were changed in Settings, however strangely not in menu.

2015-07-24: Translation update for Notepad++ 6.8
- Added known unofficial strings.
- Cloud related items were added and corrected of previous.

2015-07-05: Translation update for Notepad++
- New sort options.
- Some items in help menu changed.

2015-05-01: Translation update for Notepad++ 6.7.7
- Added one new menu to Recent files menu unofficially.

2015-03-11: Translation update for Notepad++ 6.7.5
- Some new menus.
- New strings in settings, at cloud, session backup and misc settings.
- Changing the translation of regular expression.

2014-02-20: Translation update for Notepad++ 6.5.4
- Added missing menu items
- Document tabs were wrongly translated in menu last time, corrected.
- New strings in settings.
- Multi-instance and delimiter settings translated.
- Some new panel strings appeared like Clipboard History, Document map etc.

2013-10-20: Translation update for Notepad++ 6.5
- Several new menu items
- Lot of strings added to the completely redesigned User Defined Language dialog and its Styler panel. Huge work.
- Settings structure was changed.
- Improvements of some older translation.
- Some strings were not included in official XML file, but found them unofficially. Those included.
- Followings are not supported by program itself, hence they appear still in English: Close More, Tab. In Settings: Multi-Instance, Delimiter panels.
- The ANSI version of language file is no more included.

2012-07-08: Translation update for Notepad++ 6.1.5
- Update after 21 months, sorry for delay
- Added previously missing strings (found them unofficially)
- The Alt key accelerators added, but only for the top level menu
- Blank operations and related strings
- New Project handling panel
- New find characters panel
- Other several new menu items translated
- Correcting of some previous items for better translation
- Some items in the Setting panel are moved to different place
- Now there are some error messages which also translated

2010-09-30: Translation update for Notepad++ 5.8.1
- Bookmark related menus now organized to a Bookmark menu
- Another new search method
- Document Summary
- Line Wrap settings

2009-12-07: Translation update for Notepad++ 5.6.1
- Added third level menu entries in Character encoding menu
- Corrected search related strings for better understanding

2009-12-06: Translation update for Notepad++ 5.6.1
- Added previously missing strings (found them unofficially)
- Jump to highlight style
- Character sets
- Find results window strings
- There is a bug with Notepad++ with using the Unicode language file, reported to developer.

2009-08-29: Translation update for Notepad++ 5.5
- Correction of two strings

2009-08-23: Translation update for Notepad++ 5.5
- Only minor changes

2009-07-18: Translation update for Notepad++ 5.4.5
- More compact and better organized menus
- Some texts made longer to better understanding
- Clarifying document view related strings
- Clarifying block and comment related strings

2009-01-04: Translation update for Notepad++ 5.1.3
- Now Unicode and ANSI version of language file is included in install
- Post-it View
- New instance related items
- New tab right click strings
- Open Save Directory options
- Tag highlighting options

2008-07-06: Translation update for Notepad++ 5.0
- New file handling menus
- Improvement of the go to strings
- New functions for bookmarked lines
- Function parameter hint function
- Changed strings in search dialog
- New cursor appearance related items
- Other new options

2008-03-24: Translation update for Notepad++ 4.8.2
- Strings for converting between comments and normal code
- New items for changing the document encoding
- Item for deleting the history
- New options for tab handling (hide, multi-line, vertical)
- Improvement of the document switcher options
- New options for auto completion
- Correction of some previous texts

2007-11-22: Translation update for Notepad++ 4.5
- New strings for column editor
- New options at searching dialog
- Define global styles at style configurator
- Improvement of the backup options
- Options for auto completion in Preferences dialog

2007-05-21: Translation update for Notepad++ 4.1.1
- New menu items (reload, read only, online links)
- New items for searching (marking, and in searching dialog)
- Auto completion (word and function completion)
- New options for closing buttons, document switcher, indent, last used directory, links and backup

2006-07-27: Translation update for Notepad++ 3.8
- Correction of some previous texts

2006-07-23: Translation update for Notepad++ 3.8
- New strings for window tabs
- New items for searching (find volatile)
- Options for file status detection
- New elements for the macro running dialog

2006-07-01: Translation update for Notepad++ 3.7
- New strings for session handling
- Items for copy file and path names
- Synchronize between the two views
- All the settings now put in a separate Preference window

2005-08-19: Translation update for Notepad++ 3.1
- Strings for converting between comments and normal code
- New strings for macros
- Text direction feature
- New items for searching (find in previous, find in files)
- Some other new elements

2005-03-23: Translation update for Notepad++ 2.8
- Strings for macros
- Items for file history
- New strings for formatting the text (uppercase, lowercase)
- New options in user defined language dialog

2004-12-28: Translation update for Notepad++ 2.6
- New strings for collapse-uncollapse block levels
- New strings for formatting the text (tabulators and lines)
- New items for document encoding
- New options in style configurator and user defined language dialog
- Correction of some previous items

2004-08-03: Translation completed for Notepad++ 2.3
- The Alt key accelerators (& underscores) are still missing. They will be done later.

2004-07-28: Translation mostly made for Notepad++ 2.3
- Not published yet. Some strings were missing.

2004-07-23: Beginning of translation of Notepad++ 2.3

2004-03-01: Offered to translate Notepad++ to Hungarian to the developer.

Other Notepad++ related:

2006-07-20: I made an autocompletion API file to Notepad++ for the AutoHotkey language. I exported all commands from the help file of AutoHotkey. It was sent to the developer, but not published at the official site.

2005-06-15: A rough, user defined style sheet was created by me for the Cue Sheet syntax (Audio CD layout), it can be found at the official webpage. It's just a quick trial for experimenting the customized style sheets.