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Hungarian translation of HDD Thermometer

Translation description

HDD Thermometer homepage: Not anymore available

Short description: HDD Thermometer was a hard disk temperature monitoring tool.
License: Freeware
Developer: Georgy Koychev
Hungarian translation: Balázs Huzella and György Bata
Language file type: Simple text .lng files
Translation method: Simple text .lng files
Using the Hungarian translation: Language .lng was included in official install package.

Comment: This translation was a co-operation with Balázs Huzella. We agreed to cooperate and match our translations. This translation was handled and updated by Balázs Huzella. But, HDD Thermometer is no longer developed by original author.

Changelog for HDD Thermometer Hungarian translation

2004-06-01: Language file was updated for HDD Thermometer 1.2 by Balázs Huzella.

2004-05-20: Matching of the two translation for HDD Thermometer 1.1 finished.

2004-05-14: Cooperation with Balázs Huzella.

2004-05-12: My version of the Hungarian translation of the language file done for HDD Thermometer 1.1