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Main page

Hungarian translation of FileZilla3

Translation description

FileZilla3 homepage: http://filezilla-project.org/

Short description: FileZilla Client is a fast and reliable cross-platform FTP, FTPS and SFTP client with lots of useful features and an intuitive graphical user interface.
License: GPL v2
Developer: Tim Kosse
Hungarian translation: György Bata
Language file type: GNU gettext message catalogs (.po and .mo files)
Using the Hungarian translation: Compiled .mo file is included in official install package.

Comment: Handling PO files is much easier than DLL of FileZilla 2. Keeping the translation up-to-date is still a lot work although. If you find untranslated items, please be patient, I'll update them when my free time allows. The translation is maintained by me completely from beginning.

Contact me: You can find me at Prohardver Forum with nickname 'batagy'.

Changelog for FileZilla3 Hungarian translation

2017-12-24: Update for FileZilla 3.29.0 - 1830 strings
- Adding all updates

2017-01-11: Update for FileZilla 3.24.0-rc1 - 1758 strings
- Correcting few earlier mistakes

2016-12-25: Update for FileZilla - 1757 strings
- Add all missing items
- Correcting some earlier mistakes

2015-08-22: Update for FileZilla 3.13.0 - 1698 strings
- Correcting of some earlier items (daily build message and certificate translation)
- Proxy and SFTP related strings changed

2015-07-29: Update for FileZilla - 1694 strings
- Finally update after 6 years (!) of pause
- Sorry for delay
- 448 items translated in 3 days, with a heavy work

2009-08-10: Update for FileZilla 3.2.7 RC3 - 1470 strings - Half of new items finished
- Remote file search window and all related items
- New options in File Lists panel
- Filter conditions
- New menu items in directory comparison
- Synchronized browosing and related messages
- New options in Interface panel
- New options in Site Manager
- New settings in File editing panel, and corresponding program associations error messages
- Addes some right click menus
- Modifying some previous error messages
- Network Wizard strings updated

2009-01-03: Update for FileZilla 3.2.0 RC2 - 1320 strings
- File pane statusbar strings
- Bookmark feature and all related messages
- General Proxy related items, and corresponding message logs
- Manual transfer feature and all related items
- New menu items, new message log items and error messages
- New strings in Option dialog
- Command line related items
- Improving the certificate and security related items

2008-03-24: Update for FileZilla - 1100 strings
- SFTP authentication and related strings
- Directory comparison and directory listing filter stuff
- Specification of attribute and permissions in Directory listing filter
- File editing now also local, not only remote
- New menu items, new message log items and error messages
- A lot of correction and improvements of previous texts

2007-11-30: Update for FileZilla 3.0.4 - 974 strings
- FTP Proxy panel
- Keep-Alive strings
- Remote file edit settings panel
- Improvement of the remote file edit window and related strings
- New message log items and error messages

2007-09-28: Update for FileZilla 3.0.1 - 891 strings
- Filesize format panel
- Date/time format panel
- New right click menu in transfer queue, and related strings
- Remote file editing and related strings
- Site Manager data deletion strings

2007-09-04: Update for FileZilla 3.0.0 RC2
- Correction and improvement of some previous texts

2007-09-02: Translation completed for FileZilla 3.0.0 RC2
- Finally, after 5 days and nights working hard on this, I've translated all the strings of FZ3. This means 835 strings in the 3.0.0 RC2 version.
- The Alt key accelerators (& underscores) are still missing. They will be done later.
- Almost all the translated strings are tested and reproduced.

2007-08-31: Update for FileZilla 3.0.0 RC2
- 606 strings translated

2007-08-30: Update for FileZilla 3.0.0 RC2
- 460 strings translated

2007-08-29: Update for FileZilla 3.0.0 RC2
- 295 strings translated

2007-03-02: Update for FileZilla 3.0.0 beta 6
- 160 strings translated

2007-02-25: Translation begun for FileZilla 3.0.0 beta 6
- 96 strings translated

2004-03-18: Hungarian translation of FileZilla 3 was promised first :)