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Main page

Hungarian translation of Dirkey

Translation description

Dirkey homepage: Not anymore available

Short description: Dirkey was a small folder bookmarking utility for Windows.
License: Freeware
Developer: Dirk T. Manders
Hungarian translation: György Bata
Language file type: compiled DLL
Translation method: A format made by the author.
Using the Hungarian translation: Compiled language DLL was available separately.

Comment: Dirkey is no longer developed by original author.

Changelog for Dirkey Hungarian translation

2003-09-07: Hungarian characters were corrected with editing the dll.

2003-08-26: Language resource file was updated to Rev 1.
- Some strings changed. Some Hungarian characters are still wrong.

2003-08-24: First dll build is tested. Hungarian character issue is reported.

2003-08-14: Translation completed for Dirkey 2.0. Translation was done in simple text file, in a format made by the author.

2003-08-13: Hungarian translation mostly done for Dirkey 2.0

2003-07-29: Beginning of translation of Dirkey 2.0

2003-07-24: Offer to translate Dirkey to Hungarian